Car Body Maker

By completing the program, students are trained to perform the following tasks:

  • replacement and repair of bodywork parts,
  • maintenance, repair, construction and processing of frames, bodywork and bodywork,
  • diagnosis of the condition of the painted surfaces,
  • preparation of paint for application,
  • maintenance, repair and production of interior and exterior painted or varnished surfaces,
  • maintenance and repair of in-vehicle ventilation and heating installations,
  • maintenance, repair and replacement of vehicle exhaust systems,
  • equipping motor vehicles with accessories and accessories,
  • rim maintenance and repair,
  • maintenance, repair and fabrication of vehicle anti-corrosion protection,
  • advising clients on repair and on-board maintenance,
  • good collaboration with colleagues, experts, clients, and mastering teamwork,
  • communicating with colleagues, experts, clients and mastering professional terminology,
  • rational, economical and prudent use of energy, materials, resources for work and time, and care for the environment,
  • developing a safe working environment and protecting one’s health and that of others.