Higher vocational education is a form of higher education that combines hands-on experiences with theoretical knowledge. Higher vocational education programmes have come about as a response to a real labour market need and are delivered in close cooperation with employers and industry. Students at a school of higher vocational education can learn the skills needed to enter the workforce right after graduation. Higher vocational schools have close contact with companies and assist in helping students further themselves professionally.

A higher vocational educational college provides post-secondary school education. The courses are designed in consultation with employees and are tailored to meet the manpower needs of the labour market and lead to jobs. Thus, higher vocational education is the right option for those who are interested in combining theory with practical experience. Moreover, students gain practical experience due to the fact that 40% of the educational programmes consist of practical training.

Being one of the organisational unit of the Technical School Centre of Maribor, our Higher Vocational College provides high-quality learning opportunities at a cost people can afford from locations they can reach. Since its beginning in 2009, the college has worked with employers to deliver relevant skills, giving students what they need to qualify for good jobs and succeed in their careers.


mag. Samo Čretnik, uni.dipl.ing.

HVC principal
Tel: 02/460-5167
Fax: 02/229-5769
E-mail: ravnatelj.vss@tscmb.si

HVC Office

Martina Prapertnik

Tel: 02/229-5759
Fax: 02/229-5769
E-mail: referat@tscmb.si

Official hours
Monday13.30 – 16.00
Tuesday9.00 – 11.30
Wednesday14.00 – 17.00
Thursday13.30 – 16.00
Friday9.00 – 11.30


Gaja Lašič

Tel: 02/229-5762
E-mail: gaja.lasic@tscmb.si

Lecturer’s Contacts

Predavatelji (strojništvo in avtoservisni menedžment)

Zap. št.Predavatelje-poštagovorilne ure
1 mag. ARBITER Beno beno.arbiter@tscmb.si sreda med 15.00 in 15.45, kabinet A304
2 mag. BELE Branko branko.bele@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
3 BRECL Aleksander, uni.dipl.ing. aleksander.brecl@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
4 mag. ČRETNIK Samo samo.cretnik@tscmb.si torek ob 9.00, pisarna ravnatelja
5 FRÜHAUF Srečko, uni.dipl.ing. srecko.fruehauf@tscmb.si sreda ob 15.10, zbornica
6 mag. GOGIĆ Dragan dragan.gogic@tscmb.si sreda ob 15.45, zbornica
7 GREŠOVNIK Berta, uni.dipl.ing. berta.gresovnik@tscmb.si sreda ob 15.30, zbornica
8 mag. HERLE Sabina sabina.herle@tscmb.si torek med 11.30 in 12.00 ali po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
9 mag. HUMSKI Ferdinand ferdinand.humski@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
10 mag. JAKOPIČ Franc franc.jakopic@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
11 JELENKO Tomaž, uni.dipl.ing. tomaz.jelenko@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
12 mag. KAJZER Vanja vanja.kajzer@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
13 dr. KRIŽMAN Andreja andreja.krizman@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
14 mag. LESJAK Ivanka ivanka.lesjak@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
15 dr. MALAJNER Marko marko.malajner@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
16 mag. MIKLOŽIČ Andrej andrej.miklozic@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
17 mag. MULAOSMANOVIĆ Midhat midhat.mulaosmanovic@tscmb.si četrtek med 12.00 in 14.00, kabinet A304
18 PAVLEKOVIČ Zdravko, uni.dipl.ing. zdravko.pavlekovic@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
19 mag. PERNAT Leon leon.pernat@tscmb.si ponedeljek med 8.00 in 10.00, kabinet C110
20 dr. PODBREŽNIK Andrej andrej.podbreznik@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
21 PUCONJA Andrej, uni.dipl.ing. andrej.puconja@tscmb.si 1. semester, v petek ob 16.00
22 mag. ROŠKAR Miran miran.roskar@tscmb.si 2. semester, v ponedeljek ob 16.00
23 ŠKRIPAČ Uroš, uni.dipl.ing. uros.skripac@tscmb.si ponedeljek ob 18.30, A305
24 mag. ŠUNTNER Leon leon.suntner@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
25 ŠVAB Vilko, uni.dipl.ing. vilko.svab@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
26 dr. TEŽAK Oto oto.tezak@tscmb.si četrtek ob 13.45, A303
27 TOMAŠ Kristijan, uni.dipl.ing. kristijan.tomas@tscmb.si po predhodni najavi po e-pošti
28 mag. ŽIGON Boštjan bostjan.zigon@tscmb.si 2. semester, v ponedeljek ob 16.00