In accordance with the Founding Act, the student dormitory of the Maribor Technical School Centre may also perform some forms of additional activities. These are merely to provide the home with additional resources that allow it to provide students with more than they could otherwise afford. This site is intended to present an additional offer to potential clients and other partners.

Other additional activities

Our student dormitory is located in a cosy environment where there is a lot of peace and greenery. In our immediate vicinity there are playgrounds (soccer, basketball, handball, …). Along with the student dormitory there is also plenty of free parking space for our guests. Our core business is the activity of education and provision of complete care for high school students. The Maribor Technical School Centre also has its own sports hall, suitable for training basketball, volleyball, handball and soccer. The Maribor Technical School Centre also has its own state-of-the-art fitness facility.

In our constant search for opportunities to improve the standard of our students, we are also engaged in additional activities. At the time when the capacities just mentioned are vacant, we offer them to anyone who organizes any kind of seminars.

We are also engaged in catering and accommodation.

  • We offer catering services throughout the summer. We organize parties for closed groups.
  • We offer snacks at a very good price, in the case of larger quantities of ordered snacks, we are ready to deliver them to customers.
  • We offer overnight and pension services throughout the year – for up to 50 people in single and double rooms.
  • During the school holidays we offer overnight and pension services for up to 210 people.
  • We also offer laundry service at very reasonable prices.

Contact: prof. Aleš Smole

Phone: +386 2 460 5162