Career Centre of the Tehniški šolski center Maribor

It’s not only companies that are increasingly getting aware of the term “market value”, but individuals as well. Thus we keep asking ourselves more and more often the questions, “What makes me better than others?” “What am I capable of?” “What can I do?” “What do I want to do?” What is my value in the labour market?” An individual’s skills and competences make a decisive factor in employers’ decision-making on whom to employ. More and more people are becoming aware that categories or issues like finding a job, success at work, personal satisfaction depend increasingly on their own capabilities and are not the result of some luck or coincidence. We are absolutely and exclusively responsible for our success and satisfaction at workplace, as well as in our private lives. We must learn to rise after falling and deal efficiently with problems. As the saying goes:

The Future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.

The Career Centre was established to advise secondary school students, college students and adult learners in their career development. We want them to find on these websites as much information as possible about their career chances, their own capabilities and competences, their own future career, as well as about a successful job search. The purpose of the Centre is to improve the link between the industries and the student environment, thereby continually improving the possibilities of students’ integration into the labour market through appropriate education and counselling. In this way the industries are constantly provided with appropriately qualified personnel. The activities offered by the Career Centre encompass:

  • Career counselling and career plan preparation.
  • Organization and implementation of a variety of career workshops and other training programmes to acquire soft skills.
  • Organization of training on career development and the labour market.
  • Liaising with the economy.
  • Information on study programmes and professions.
  • Employment training.
  • Information on current job vacancies published by companies the school cooperates with
  • Additional courses in job search strategies
  • Counselling about how to write CVs and cover letters
  • Job interview preparation
  • Testing of individuals in order to help them identify their own interests
  • Encouragement of personal growth and career development

The webpage of the Career Centre also features presentations of various employers and their demands for qualified workforce.

All information is available at following contacts:

HV College:, tel: +386 2 229 57 59, +386 2 460 51 67

Secondary School:, +386 2 229 57 60, +386 2 229 57 57