Facilities Within the Inter-Company Education and Training Centre

The activities and courses offered by the Inter-Company Education and Training Centre take place in the recently renovated part of the school complex that accommodates the school’s numerous workshops comprising modern specialized workshops and laboratories for specific professional fields for the execution of practical training in the various fields of mechanical engineering. Thus there are workshops and laboratories for the following fields of work:

Car service and maintenance:

  • a workshop for engine diagnostics;
  • a workshop for drivetrain diagnostics
  • a workshop for motor vehicle repair and maintenance
  • a workshop for car electrics and electronics
  • a workshop for car-body repairs
  • a paint shop

Lower vocational course, secondary vocational courses, four year technical courses, and two-year vocational-technical education:

  • workshops for manual and machining operations (filing, piercing, blanking, sawing, drilling);
  • workshops for machining operations (turning, milling, grinding);
  • plumber workshops;
  • workshops for the manufacture of metal structures;
  • mechatronics workshops;
  • workshops for welding (fusion welding and arc welding);
  • a measurement laboratory;
  • a laboratory for computer-assisted manufacturing;
  • a CNC technology laboratory;
  • a laboratory for hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as
  • an auditorium (a big lecture hall).

The Higher Vocational College:

  • various laboratories and other functional lecture rooms.