The so-called Inter-Company Education and Training Centre (also referred to as Business-to–Business Education Centre), which makes one of the integral parts of the Technical School Centre of Maribor, serves the purpose of performing practical training and internships as the integral part of the school curricula, as well as for the needs of the industries. The increasing dynamics in the development of technologies has generated the need for highly qualified workforce, possessing relevant and useful skills, knowledge and competences for the execution of their everyday job or occupation respectively. In order to achieve this, our institution develops and implements in cooperation with social partners and partner institutions and companies from the industries various programmes of practical training, as well as programmes of lifelong learning in the field of mechanical engineering.

Parallel to this, the Inter-Company Education and Training Centre develops new technologies, performs innovative activities and projects, and thus provides the basis for further economic and technological development, as well as the development of the region. Likewise, the Inter-Company Education and Training Centre fosters the promotion of the possibilities of professional and vocational education in elementary schools, and carries out numerous other additional services in the field of professional and vocational education.

We have prepared a wide range of programs aimed at a rapid response to the needs of employers and industries, – programs, in which the methods and forms of activities can be adapted to each specific target group. The contents of the courses as well as the programs have been bound to the programs of regular education and skills needed in the companies of our region. The Inter-Company Education and Training Centre represents a bridge between the educational sphere on one hand, and the sphere of economy and industries, on the other, – the spheres which together provide a supportive environment for the development of competition in the labour market.

The Inter-Company Education and Training Centre offers the following programs and courses:

Training Courses for Young Learners

  • performs practical lessons for secondary school students – i.e. lessons carried out in the workshops, in the course of which the students perform operations and tasks on various machines and devices;
  • performs practical training for secondary school students;
  • performs practical training for college students, i.e. for the students of the Higher Vocational College of the Technical School Centre of Maribor;
  • performs other training and retraining courses.

Education of Adult Learners (Adult Education)

  • carries out the preparation and the execution of master craftsman’s examinations;
  • performs other forms of training courses for adults (training and retraining, advanced technical study courses and specialization, certified testing and confirmation of knowledge, skills and abilities of the employed as well as unemployed);
  • offers educational courses of professional and vocational education and training for those who want to train for a profession of a professional qualification or for certified testing and confirmation of knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies.

Functional training courses

  • carries out research and development-based work and activities in the fields of mechanical engineering and automotive service management in cooperation with the Higher Vocational College of the Technical School Centre of Maribor.

The Tasks of the Inter-Company Education and Training Centre:

  • o offer education and training in accordance with the publicly relevant and officially acknowledged educational programs
  • to manage and coordinate practical training
  • (by focussing on contents tied to the needs of the local industries) to set up educational and training courses in cooperation with businesses, i.e. crafts and industries
  • to introduce modern technologies to the educational and training process
  • to provide for modern teaching technologies and modern methods of practical training that are problem-oriented and based on the principles of modern practical training and resemble as much as possible the actual nature of work in the professions the students and other learners are educated for
  • to contribute, in a modern and optimal way, highly skilled workforce at the internationally comparable level for the needs of trade and industries
  • to motivate primary school students for professional and vocational education
  • to encourage adult learners’ participation in various forms of education and training
  • research, development and production of new teaching aids
  • research, development and creation of prototypes
  • development of new production technologies and innovations
  • project work
  • cooperation with schools and partners
  • other work activities running currently.