Learning assistance involves the explanation and consolidation of learning materials and the procedures of informing those enrolled in educational programs to raise their educational levels with learning strategies and learning techniques.

Learning assistance should be provided for participants who are enrolled in the following educational programs: lower vocational education programs, secondary vocational education programs, secondary vocational or technical education programs, vocational education programs, grammar and general gatriculation programs, gatriculation and gocational courses. Learning assistance is also provided for the needs of participants who will take the master’s, foreman’s, management’s exams, including exam preparation.

Learning assistance is provided by a teacher who has the educational conditions to teach a particular subject. The learning assistance is organized by the organizer of adult education and includes the preparation of a content plan for the implementation of learning aid, cooperation with an educational organization in the statistical region, and it should also provide awareness of learning assistance in all schools within the statistical region.

The implementation of Learning assistance takes 45 minutes. It is implemented in accordance with the content plan of the learning aid, in individual or group form for the subject, part of the learning material, for teaching techniques or learning strategies. A maximum of 8 participants may be involved in a group form of teaching support. Learning assistance can also be implemented for several courses at a time.