Mechanical engineering technician (two-year vocational-technical educational course)

The fields of employment and the goals of education are the same as in the secondary vocational education program for the profession of mechanical engineering technician.

Duration of education

Two years, the educational program is evaluated with 120 credits.

Enrollment conditions

Enrollment in the educational program can be completed by anyone who has successfully completed one of the following secondary vocational education titles:
car mechanic, sheet metal repairman, vehicle body repairer, sheet metal mechanic, machine designer, metal shaper-toolmaker, watchmaker, goldsmith, mechatronics operator, electrician, electronics technician, electrician, construction mechanic and agricultural mechanic, miner, geostructural miner or have obtained equivalent training under previous regulations.

Conditions for promotion to the senior year

Students who end the year on a positive note from all general education subjects and professional modules of the year of the school curriculum, and complete all interesting activities and all obligations of internship can be promoted to a higher year or they can progress to a higher year according to the decision of the board of teachers teaching within the educational program.

Requirements for completion of education

In order to complete education and get a degree, a student must successfully pass a positive assessment in the following fields:

  • general education subjects,
  • compulsory professional modules,
  • optional professional modules,
  • the open part of the curriculum.

In addition, he or she must complete or fulfil, respectively, the following:

  • extracurricular activities,
  • obligations in practical training through work,
  • vocational matura examination.
Vocational matura consists of the following subjects or constituents, respectively:
  • written and oral exam in Slovene,
  • exam in mechanical engineering,
  • written and oral exam in a foreign language or mathematics (at the student’s choice),
  • defense of a seminar paper on a product designed and produced by the student.

The training program enables the acquisition of the following national vocational qualifications in accordance with a procedure determined by the regulations governing national vocational qualifications: CNC machine operator.

Further training

After graduation, mechanical engineering technicians can continue their education at colleges and universities. Students will be able to enroll in university study programs and will complete a fifth course within the vocational matura course, which will be determined by the individual faculties to which they wish to enroll. Most mechanical engineers enroll in a highly professional mechanical engineering program, and some also in business economics, construction, computer science and computer science, geodesy, etc.


Code Program units Obligatory / optional Total number of hours Number of credits
A – General Education Subjects
P1 Slovene obligatory 276 13
P2 Mathematics obligatory 206 10
P3 Foreign language obligatory 276 13
P4 Art obligatory 30 2
P5 History obligatory 40 2
P6 Geography obligatory 40 2
P7 Sociology optional 40 2
P8 Psychology optional 40 2
P9 Physics obligatory 40 2
P10 Chemistry obligatory 40 2
P11 Biology obligatory 40 2
P12 Informatics obligatory 60 3
P13 Sports obligatory 150 7
Total from Section A 1238 60
B – Professional modules
M1 Construction planning obligatory 136 6
M2 Business and organization obligatory 66 3
M3 Efficient energy use obligatory 136 7
M4 Materials processing obligatory 136 7
M5 Spatial modelling and documentation preparation optional 140 8
M6 Computer aided technologies optional 140 8
M7 Tools and appliances for mass production optional 140 8
M8 Planning of manufacturing processes in mechanical engineering optional 140 8
M9 Automation and Robotics optional 140 8
M10 Energy systems optional 140 8
M11 Planning of installations for buildings optional 140 8
M12 Production and distribution of energy in mechanical engineering optional 140 8
Total from Section B 754 39
C – Practical education at school
Practical education 205 12
Č – Practical training
Practical training in companies 76 3
D – Extracurricular activities
Extracurricular activities 96 4
E – The open part of the curriculum
Open curriculum 249 10
Total number of school hours (A+B+E) 2244 109
Total number of practical training hours (C+Č) 281 15
The total number of school hours of school education (A+B+D+E) 2340 113
Total (A+B+Č+D+E) 2416 116
Vocational matura (product or service design and presentation) 4
Total number of credits 120
Number of weeks of school education 68
Number of weeks of practical training in companies 2
Number of weeks of extracurricular activities 3
Total number of weeks of education 73

Optional modules: The school or student can choose two modules from modules M5 to M12.