Metal Shaper – Toolmaker

The METAL SHAPER – TOOLMAKER program is a new program created as a result of the process of updating educational programs.

The novelty of this program is that the content of education is focused on professional competences. Theoretical contents are intertwined with professional and practical ones, and students/apprentices also receive the educational content suggested by future employers.

The training lasts for three years and ends with a final exam, which includes a written and oral examination in Slovene language and services, with the defense of a seminar paper on a specific product, which each student plans and produces, and then describes in such a seminar paper.


Code Program units Obligatory / optional Total number of hours Number of credits
A – General Education Subjects
P1 Slovene obligatory 213 12
P2 Mathematics obligatory 213 12
P3 Foreign language obligatory 164 9
P4 Art obligatory 33 2
P5 Social sciences obligatory 132 6
P6 Natural science obligatory 132 6
P7 Sports obligatory 164 7
Total from Section A obligatory 54
B – Professional Modules
M1 Technical communication in the profession obligatory 99 4
M2 Materials and materials processing in the profession obligatory 66 3
M3 Elements of structures obligatory 66 3
M4 Work organization and business obligatory 66 3
M5 Material Design Basics obligatory 99 5
M6 CNC programming obligatory 99 5
M7 Automation of machines and devices obligatory 99 5
M8 Design of materials optional 235 12
M9 Special materials treatment procedures optional 235 12
M10 Tools and appliances for mass production optional 235 12
M11 Tools assembly and testing optional 235 12
Total from Section B 1064 52
Of which minimum for practical education at school:
C – Practical education at school
Practical education 655 30
Č – Practical training
Practical training in companies 912 40
D – Extracurricular activities
Extracurricular activities 160 6
E – The open part of the curriculum
Open curriculum 591 26
Total number of school hours (A+B+E) 2706 132
Total number of practical training hours (C+Č) 1567 70
The total number of school hours of school education (A+B+D+E) 2866 138
Total (A+B+Č+D+E) 3778 178
Final exam (product or service design and presentation) 2
Total number of credits 180
Number of weeks of school education 82
Number of weeks of practical training in companies 24
Number of weeks of extracurricular activities 5
Total number of weeks of education 111

Optional Professional Modules: The school or student selects 2 of the 4 optional professional modules M8 to M11.