Mechatronics Technician

Job Title

In today’s world, intelligent machines help us with almost any task. Their design, maintenance and management, however, require extensive technical knowledge. This is provided by the mechatronics technician training program that integrates knowledge in the field of mechanics, information and electrical engineering.

Mechatronics is a collection of basic knowledge, procedures and techniques for the maintenance, production and development of modern machinery, equipment and installations. Mechatronics is also a new way of thinking in product and system design.

What a mechatronics technician does

The mechatronics technician works with mechanical machines that are supported by information technology. He or she programs and maintains modern automation machines and robots, carries out development and research tasks in innovative companies in the metal, automotive, aerospace and electrical industries. He or she sets up and controls production lines, ensures the operation of technological processes, manages elements of information technology, implements connections between machines and devices and information systems in companies. Mechatronics technicians have interdisciplinary knowledge that is very important for the development of today’s technology. The programming of machines, devices, process lines and systems is his daily routine. In addition, his responsibilities include the assembly of machines and devices as well as the control and administration of computer processes.

Description of the educational program

The training course for mechatronics technicians lasts four years and ends with a vocational matura degree. The educational program consists of general subjects (Slovene, mathematics, foreign language, art, history, geography, sociology, physics, chemistry and sport), professional content (technical communication, technological processes, mechatronics, information systems, control and regulation systems), activities and topics identified by the school for the needs of the local environment and practical training in the work process.

More information about the curriculum can be found on this page!

Recruitment of mechatronics technicians

he recruitment of mechatronics is widespread, as mechatronics is present everywhere in the industry, but especially in the electrical, engineering and metal industries.
Mechatronics usually work in offices, laboratories and workshops. Otherwise, they works mainly in closed and heated rooms where hum, dust, fumes, drafts and temperature fluctuations can occur. Since a mechatronics technician usually stands, often squats and occasionally lifts heavy objects, general stamina is a must. Good hand and finger skills are also very important.

A mechatronics technician works mainly as a business organizer or business process analyst.

He or she can also be employed as a CNC machine programmer, process line supervisor, designer, maintainer, energy system maintainer, service technician, technologist, technologist, toolmaker, machine technician, electronics technician, mechatronics engineer, etc.

Curriculum: MECHATRONICS TECHNICIAN (four-year technical course)

Subjects TOTAL number of lessons in the program
A – General education subjects
Slovene 476
Foreign language 408
Mathematics 408
Art 68
History 68
Geography 68
Sociology 68
Physics 136
Chemistry 68
Sports 340
TOTAL 2108
B – Professional learning contents
Technical communication 170
Production processes 170
Mechatronics 714
Information systems 340
Steering and control systems 510
Total from Section B 1904
Of which practical instruction 486
C – Practical training 152
D – Extracurriculum activities 352
E – The open part of the


The total number of school hours of school education (A + B + C + D + E) 4992

Content of the vocational Matura exam:

  • written and oral exam in Slovene,
  • written and oral mechatronics exam.

Optional part:

  • written and oral exam in a foreign language or mathematics,
  • design and manufacture of the product or service and their presentation