Student tutorship

Tutorship is an organized assistance for students that is based on a personal approach.

Student tutors direct their tutees (students) and advise them on solving their problems. The tutor can also advise a student on the choice of study courses, electives, further studies, etc. The purpose of the tutorship is therefore to strengthen contacts between students through the exchange of useful information and experience in the field of student and student affairs.

Student tutors are able to provide students and students of lower year study programs with information and their experience of studying within the same study program.

Purpose and goals of tutorship

  • to facilitate students’ integration into the study environment, guide them through their studies, build relationships between students and lecturers.
  • to improve student outcomes, increase student transition, and increase study levels.
  • to provide students with counseling regarding repetition, re-enrollment, change of study program.
  • to assist students in case of dilemmas and issues related to study, pursuing practical training, engaging in international exchanges, as well as pursuing graduate work.

Who are the tutors?

The lecturers or professionals from our Higher Vocational College who, in direct contact with the student, direct his or her development, care for the success of his or her study, motivate the student for personal advancement in the profession, and assist and advise the student in resolving any problems that may present an obstacle in the period till the completion of studies (graduation). Tutors usually advise their group of students individually on various topics and issues that arise during their studies.