Study progams at HVC TŠC Maribor

Being one of the organisational unit of the Technical School Centre of Maribor, our Higher Vocational College provides high-quality learning opportunities at a cost people can afford from locations they can reach. Since its beginning in 2009, the college has worked with employers to deliver relevant skills, giving students what they need to qualify for good jobs and succeed in their careers.

Helping students succeed is what our Higher Vocational College is all about. Whether it be recent high school graduates preparing for the workforce or planning to transfer to a university, or adult learners looking to upgrade skills or start a new career path, we have what they need to be successful.

As already mentioned, the students must complete an internship as part of their degree requirements. Thus students of both study programs mentioned above must fulfil internship program requirements. So our students are involved in a ten-week practical education programme (comprising 400 hours in each academic year). They perform their fieldwork placement in a firm that is chosen by the student or by our College. The students are required to complete 400 hours to meet the academic internship requirement and write a final report at the end of their internship.

Based on an application and evidence the student can ask to be excused from work placement considering typical works of the profession the student wants to acquire.

For the completion of education students must have completed all their study requirements, the elective subject and they must write and defend their thesis paper.

At our Higher Vocational College, we offer two study programs:

The program provides high quality education and training in the field of mechanical engineering. With special emphasis on the required technical skills at technician level, which are important in employment market and hence open wide working opportunity in mechanical engineering sector. The program also enables successful graduates intending to pursue higher studies. The program stresses the effective use of technology, information resources and engineering tools.

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Automotive Service Management

As the world’s automotive industry grows, so too do the number and size of dealerships both in Slovenia and abroad. These businesses require individuals who possess strong management skills, coupled with a background in automotive technology. The study program Automotive Service Management meets these needs. Students enrolled in the program experience a common first year with the automotive technology curriculum, taking both automotive and general education courses. Upon successful completion of the so-called core courses, students shift from the major technical courses to concentrate on business courses helpful in the management sector of the automotive industry. Graduates of the program have personal and business skills that enhance their effectiveness with customers, technicians, and co-workers. The program also prepares students for employment as a vehicle service engineer in the automotive service industry. The study program is hands-on and teaches students to locate problems and plan, guide or supervise respectively repair and service of engines, fuel, emission, steering and suspension systems, brakes, drive trains and transmissions. Using a combination of theory and practical instruction, students will be capable and comfortable with high-tech electronic engine controls and electrical and computerized systems upon completion. Safe, efficient work practices are also part of the excellent all-around instruction. Upon graduation, students have the skills required to secure positions as assistant service manager, parts and service consultant, service advisor, service manager, and general manager.

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