Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)

We will look for new partners at international events, through personal contacts, by active participation at international conferences, by organising international conferences at the VSŠ TŠC Maribor and gathering contact information from our students, professors, partners and the national agency.

We will continue to choose our strategic partners according to relevance of the courses and placements they offer (Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Management) and according to the benefit that the cooperation will bring to the quality of education at the VSŠ TŠC Maribor for students, teachers, staff and organisation. We will extend our international cooperation to the non-EU countries in order to enhance the recognition of the VSŠ TŠC Maribor internationally, to increase the attainment levels to provide the graduates Europe needs, to improve the quality of practical training and thus to link higher education and business for excellence and regional development. We will try to achieve these objectives through mobility of students for study and practice, teachers and staff, by inviting company experts, as well as through participation in international projects.

In the new LLP period (2021– 2027) the Vocational College of Tehniški šolski center Maribor encouraged the mobility of students, teachers and staff, which we intend to up-grade by entering the international projects. The main expectations of the VSŠ TŠC Maribor in the new period of Erasmus+ are to increase the number of students and to reduce the drop-out rates. Through mobility and international projects, our students will acquire new skills and innovative knowledge needed for their employment in the international labour market. They will be able to exchange their examples of good practice and improve their communication skills with business partners. Through cooperation with enterprises, we will offer innovative learning opportunities in order to develop new ways of vocational teaching and training, which will be more relevant to the needs of the labour market. This will increase our students’ professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. Through participation in Erasmus+ the Vocational College of Tehniški šolski center Maribor will extend its cooperation with institutions to new EU and non-EU countries and become a better-established institution in the international sphere.

Maribor, April 2021